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Look Left and Right Before Crossing the Street 
25th-Nov-2008 07:21 pm
I have a friend who hates Dutch Bros. It's an Oregon chain of coffee huts. In the part of Oregon where he did his undergraduate they are more prevalent than Starbucks. And that's why he hates them more than Starbucks, because Dutch Bros has a following. There are "Fueled by Dutch Bros" stickers on cars. The logo decal is as common as the Darwin fish. The people who profess their love of Dutch Bros, he argues, hate Starbucks because it's an evil chain. Dutch Bros fans treat the company and act like the company isn't a chain, when that is exactly what it is. It may be a local chain, but it is still a chain.

I think of this sentiment when I watch the news pick over the latest Obama camp gossip. He ran on basically not being a politician. But he is as Washington as they come, and he proves it daily. This is why I dislike Obama. I hated that he was running on a six letter word. I hate more now that I was right to think he was full of crap when I cast my vote for him. But what I hate more is that he ran on a lie. And I hate that people never questioned the feasibility of his basic campaign promise. You can't run on something you can't do. It's like the high school class president candidate saying he'd like to shorten the school year. You may like his idea, but it isn't possible. How did people think Obama would change Washington when he has to rely on the same people every other politician has? When are we going to demand more of our elected officials? When are we going to get over red vs blue and demand that they actually explain their stances on, well, issues?

It's not Dems vs Republicans. It's us vs them: the American people vs Congress. I've been beginning to have my suspicions of this but the 2 hour extension of the Senate's morning business last week for speeches praising Ted Stevens sort of sealed the deal. The 56 seconds of standing ovation was icing. Here was a man who had been found guilty of 7 felony charges while representing us, and his colleagues felt the necessity to praise him openly. Sure, send him a card. Pat his back on the way out and tell him you're sorry he got a raw deal. Me? I want my money back.
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